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If you don’t fight in World of Warcraft, you may be commanding at World of Tank; if you don’t strategically deploy Armies in Golden Ages, you may be finding hidden objects in Gardens of Time; and if you don’t plant crops in Farmville, you may be retrieving lost land in Woodland Heroes. Whatever is your favorite genre, you can always find the very MMOs on our website. MMO Hunter is committed to cover the latest information in the MMO circle.

Gamefactorie.com provides the timely and updated news mainly of game release, beta, interviews and gaming events, incisive and interesting game reviews together with overviews and guides based on hands-on gaming experience, and top game list, screenshot gallery, trailers (later to come) video and so on.

Gamefactorie.com is set up by a group of game enthusiasts. The editors are hardcore gamers who know every game as it is and do it justice albeit with personal viewpoints concluded after hands-on playing. And the programmers and art editors are all experts in their own fields, responsible for the website maintenance and page design respectively. All together, we are intended to provide a MMO-oriented news channel, where users can get the most needed information and share the fun of playing.

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